Learn the top tips to manage the inner thoughts holding you back from launching and growing your business.


Are you ready to unlock the power of your unconscious mind and run a thriving business?

Are you currently caged in your own comfort zone, yet  aching to go after your dreams? Are you stuck playing small, feeling stuck, and wondering where to start, lacking clarity and sense of direction in your business?


A little about me

Certified Business Mindset Life Coach

Hi! I am Stefanie, and I work with ambitious, working mums, who are feeling stuck and unsure about  the next step and guide them to achieve their biggest, boldest  business dreams. I empower mums by helping them to become  self aware, rediscover their identity outside being a mum, to gain clarity and confidence about the next  steps to achieving their  goals and aspirations.  Through mindset shifts, and armed  with  tools and techniques  to overcome the overwhelming fear  of  failure and self doubt, you will emerge confident, self assured, and in alignment with your life's purpose, ready to take the next steps  for massive life and  business growth.


 It is time to unleash your potential


Stefanie is friendly and open with a contagious laugh which eases you during the conversation making it all the more comfortable. 
It always felt like having a catch-up with a good friend each time we had a session. 
Stefanie's positive outlook and active listening always helped me leave her sessions a bit more enlightened each time. 
I highly recommend Stefanie and her services for a positive outlook and change.

Poovasnee Reddy

Follow Your Passion and Achieve Your Goals

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Signature Program-Mindset, Reflect and Reset

To all my amazing female entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs, are you tired of feeling you are not reaching your potential, tired of having that feeling of been held back?

You feel you are finally ready to follow your dreams, follow your passion so that you can finally live that lifestyle you have been dreaming about, you can finally give your family that life you crave for them.

But first you need to overcome the limiting mind holding you back, you need to gain clarity on your business

This program is built for you.

In 12 weeks we will work closely together  to clear those blocks limiting you, we will work together on your business to get you making sales from a business you love waking up to.

"Tomorrow is a bonus not a right. Don't put off expressing your gifts and talents"

Robin Sharma

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