Am I The Coach for You?

"Everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, it's not the end" John Lennon

Hi! To all my ambitious and almighty Mompreneurs,

I say it’s time to leave that self-doubt and limiting beliefs in the past, as we BOSS UP and become that fierce and unshakeable being, who’s confident in our dreams and abilities to provide and receive that abundance, prosperity and success we deserve!

I’m Stefanie, a Mindset Coach for all you hard-working Mompreneurs out there who are ready to start or pivot your passions into an unstoppable level.

**Beep, Beep... Ah yes, that 6.00 am alarm clock used to give me so much anxiety every morning as I gather the strength and energy to get out of bed and set out for the day. I know you ladies feel me when I say the morning rush of getting your children ready for school then heading into your 9 – 5 can be so stressful! And don’t get me started on the traffic jams or that enormous pile of work waiting for you when you get into work. Then by clock out time, it’s mum on the go again – racing to the groceries then home to cook, clean and by the time you flip open the laptop with a glass of wine, ready to hustle on your dreams. The eyelids start to droop to an all-time low and next thing you know it you’re all snuggled up in bed. **Beep, Beep... sighs... 6:00 am wake up, grind and repeat!

It’s an endlessly cycle as day by day you get further away from your dreams and you feel so defeated as there is never enough time or you don’t have the energy.

Well, let me hone you in on a secret! Mom to mom... What if I told you that you can do it and you can have it all. Yes, I’m talking about that 9 – 5 + side hustles = Boss Mompreneur lifestyle

Since having my second baby, a new shift of perspective came over me as I’ve realised how much I value that sweet word “freedom”. Freedom with my time, financial freedom and freedom from my stress and limiting mindset.  I have a full-time job in Finance whilst managing multiple side hustles and what I thought was impossible is now so possible and I’m excited to share these strategies and tools with you!!

I’ve learnt that external success follows by doing that internal work and having the right mindset. I bet you’ve heard this a trillion times, but it is fact that the mind is the main driver to creating that confidence to be BOLD and perform at your fullest potential.

When you have the confidence and believe in yourself, you’ll become an unstoppable force who will consistently show up and conquer any obstacles in your way to reap in the rewards you desire!

I know being a MOM with all of our responsibilities it can sometimes feel like Minds Of Madness, but hey let me guide you to a whole new mindset where mom is

Mind of Mastery

Mind of More abundance

Mind of Manifestation

Mind of More greatness

Mind of Monetisation

Wow! Doesn’t that have much more of a great ring to it? Everything you want to succeed in is already in reach and deep within you. I’ve seen it within my clients and my journey.

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been easy, as I used to feel so overwhelmed and when that self-doubt crept in and I was ready to run faster than Road Runner.  Having a full-time job while running multiple businesses can be exhausting especially if you’re doing it solo and it can quickly lead to burn out and it did.  

However, instead of allowing my fears and limiting beliefs hinder my ambition to be a thriving entrepreneur, I’ve decided to work with a life coach who helped me overcome my personal blocks and lead me to a path of clarity, releasing me from my own limiting beliefs. It was extremely liberating learning how to quiet the inner critics and move past them, as my mindset coach also helped me take an inventory of my strengths, so I could harness my power to move forward fearlessly every time. It was then that I realised how impactful a mindset coach can be and decided that I want to have the same ability to help elevate and empower other Moms who are needing that direction and support that I did.

Oh yes! A true calling and natural fit indeed, as I went for the Life Coaching certification and have never looked back since. My passion burns intently every day as I want to be of service and help empower other moms to soar to their highest potential with the right guidance and valuable tools. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as we may make it to be, as I’ve studied the right formula that has helped me and other incredible women thrive within their businesses!

Mindset + clarity + support + actionable strategies = road to success

Yes, confidence is key to success and we all have the key, so let me help optimise and unlock that potential to get you closer to that dream life you’ve been longing for. From being able to earn and provide more for your family, booking more family holidays, getting that beautiful marble kitchen table. Upgrading that dodge caravan to that new Lexus caravan...  Ahh, you name it and if you can dream it you sure can achieve it ladies and once you combine confidence and faith, I assure you can shift any mountain of fear and self-doubt to conquer the unimaginable.


If that doesn’t sound juicy enough for you ladies, then trust me when I say that I’ve made it my mission to help women create this mindset for success in themselves. As it has brought me so much joy to support my clients launch their businesses and even quitting their 9 – 5’s, creating better content, expanding their teams including increasing their prices!


he best is yet to come, but first are you ready to let me guide you to your greatness?


And if you are, let me lead you to your calling and commit to the abundance, prosperity and growth together!!


I am all so excited.


I look forward to chatting with you soon.




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