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"Everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, it's not the end" John Lennon

Hi! I am so glad you're here. My name is Stefanie, and I am a Mindset  Coach for new female entrepreneurs.

I work with new female entrepreneurs like yourself who are struggling with self-doubt, fear of failing, and limiting thoughts that prevent you from showing up 100% in their business, and I help you go from stuck to unstoppable thriving business owners.

You can no longer deny that you are being called to step into your greatness and to own your natural gifts. You have a calling to a passion driven life, to help people looking for someone just like you to help them. People who are ready to pay for your services and products.But first, you just  need to believe you have what it takes.  

Life is so much more meaningful when we use our natural gifts to help others. However, sometimes we have a hard time recognizing those gifts, or even seeing or  believing we can use them to live our best lives. 

We lack clarity. 

And so you hesitate in self doubt, soul searching, looking for a sign and a way.  You don't know for sure you got what it takes, or what steps to take. You may wonder what the first step is, and the next, and the next. 

That is exactly why I am here. My biggest joy is helping women business owners to shift their  mindset to amplify their impact. It is what I wake up every morning excited to do.  

I have always  felt this magnetic pull towards coaching and helping female entrepreneurs  to reach higher, to go deeper and  find their  own genius and embrace their calling.

Because, really,  no one  makes a bigger impact, and changes more  lives like a woman on fire, a woman inspired and committed to live  her  biggest boldest dreams helping others  while  doing what she loves.

And I know you can be that woman. 

But, it is not always easy to go after  that  big  bodacious dream of  living life on your own terms as a business owner. 

Blame it on that limiting mind. It is what makes us play small and feel stuck, for years in some cases. 

You see, the way you think can keep you locked away in your mind hiding from visibility and robbing you of the ability to make a true impact, to live in freedom and from growing a business that helps millions. 

Look,  I understand  how it is when you have been told all your life about the security of a good 9-5, of the virtues of a steady good job of having a good boss, or  even “ just be grateful you have a job.” I know about society and the value of climbing the good old corporate ladder. But here is the thing, you have tried it  and you know there is more to life than that. 

You just  cannot  ignore  the little voice in your head  that tells you you have something big to give to the world. 

But self doubt, fear of failure, and of fear of judgement  keep you spinning  your wheels stuck hiding behind the shadow of your greatness.

But I got you. I am here for you. And you are here now and we can change all that. 

I have helped many women just like you who are passionate, driven and hard working to embrace their calling,to go boldly forth, kick fear to the curb, and show up visibly, regularly, becoming superstars  in their lives and in the lives of those who are lucky enough to know them, and to work with them.  And that is who you will become. You can start today.

The very  thing you are passionate  about, that deepest  desire  in your  heart  to go after your dreams is not an accident. It is not random. 

You must always go after what comes naturally because it is there by design. YOU were meant to do this. You gravitate toward your natural gifts, but life's conditioning makes you rethink it, and doubt yourself.

It is not so easy to undo our conditioning and the steps to take can  be hidden in layers of worry, uncertainty and fear. The road ahead is  not always clear.

And it is then that you need a life or business coach. 

I therefore invite you to come with  me on a journey of  self  discovery. I will help you find your true greatness, show you your  path that will lead to clarity and growth and  enable you to create a business that loudly speaks your truth, allowing you to live the life you have always wanted. 

But first we need to clear those blocks. We  need to help you harness the power of your subconscious mind. 

Then you can go forth and become the impactful female entrepreneur  you were always meant to be. 

Now  I know you are wondering why I should be telling  you all about how it is possible  to go after  big  audacious  dreams and goals, and  do the thing, and how to succeed. Who am I anyway?  What puts me in this position to impart this knowledge?

So, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Just  a few short  years ago I was stuck in a 9-5. It was a good job by any standard. And I thought, “this is it, this what dreams are made of.”

I worked in the Finance industry for  over a decade.

Then I slowly started to  realize it really wasn't what my dreams were made of.  I started feeling a pull  during  that period  to do something different, to  become an entrepreneur. So  I started several  businesses which I found I really enjoyed doing.  

Some  did  great, others  not so much. But as I am sure you know, working full time and being an entrepreneur can be exhausting especially when you do it solo. It can quickly lead to burn out and it did. 

And at about that time I got pregnant with my son, and I knew  then things had  to change. 

Nothing changes your perspective quicker than  looking at  your baby and finding you want  to spend  every waking moment, and even every sleeping moment  with that bundle of  joy.

I knew for sure the 3 hour commute and my corporate  job had  to go. I needed better.

I could do better.I needed a business that gave me flexibility of  time to spend with my family,  that fulfilled me,and provided financial freedom. 

I knew I  had  to find whatever it  takes to be a thriving entrepreneur. That also meant  I had to go deeper and work on my  mindset first. 

And that was when I looked into life coaching and found that it really resonated with me, my life and business goals.  

So I enrolled for a certification program to become a life coach and I haven't looked back ever since.

That was the best  decision of my life. 

But the good old mindset was holding me back from really taking my coaching business where I wanted it.

Working with a life coach helped me overcome my personal blocks and I  was amazed at the clarity that followed,and  the ability to face my own limiting beliefs was liberating.

I learned that  it is just a matter of learning how to silence these inner critics, to move past them and to follow our greatness. 

My mindset  coach also helped me take an inventory of my strengths. It was then I came to realize I really enjoyed helping women entrepreneurs, and women  also had an affinity to me.

I always knew I had a calling to help women elevate themselves.  I knew people connected with me. 

It was a natural fit. Women told me  how much they enjoyed working with me. And I enjoyed helping them to achieve positive changes in their  lives. 

Since  then I have learned  how to harness my power to move forward  whenever I am starting something new.

And I am able to silence my inner critic who tries to keep me comfortable in a little cage called the comfort zone. 

That is exactly why I am in position to help you because  I have been where you are. I have faced doubts and fears and learned how to overcome them.

And I have helped others to overcome their  blocks and saw them soar. I have seen once fear and stuck women move on to establish thriving businesses and embracing their true calling and passion. 

I know that until we change the way we think nothing else works, and we cannot really show up completely and own our power until that happens. 

I faced  my own doubts  and fears and limiting beliefs. 

Are you currently caged in your own comfort zone, yet  aching to go after your dreams? Are you stuck playing small, feeling stuck, and wondering where to start, lacking clarity and sense of direction in your business?

The problem is most likely your mindset. 

Let me help you unlock the power of your unconscious mind.

Let me help you crush those limiting beliefs and emerge glorious, thriving in a business that makes your heart happy and your pockets full. 

You can do this. I promise.

Let  me show you step by step how to harness the power of your very own greatness and passion.

Let me lead you to your calling.

I truly look forward to serving you

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